Will Study Abroad Help Your Career?

Will Study Abroad Help Your Career?

Understanding if study abroad will help your career is a huge topic these days. You want to make sure your time abroad is worth the investment, I get it.

In one word, the answer is:


Mic drop.

Ok that’s 3 words.

Honestly, there are so many reasons and studies backing up that answer that I don’t think I can do the response justice knowing there are actual researchers out there doing a better job at proving that it will help your career.

These researchers have been able to show that students that study abroad gain skills and experience that leads to increased employability and income. They have found that students that study abroad find jobs more quickly once graduated, have skills that better match employers’ needs, and go on to be accepted to more education and/or have higher incomes. Check, check, and check.

You can read more on the research around study abroad and employ-ability in this article. 

In case you need more help convincing yourself or someone else that study abroad will benefit your career and how, here are some other ways:

  • Some of the core skills gained abroad that affect your career and employers’ perceptions of you are:
    • Adaptability
    • Independence
    • Organization
    • Problem solving, creative thinking, and innovation
    • Tolerance and open mindedness
    • Coping skills
    • People/networking skills

You can read more about these skills and other general benefits of study abroad in this article

  • It may help you find a path you didn’t know existed or reaffirm one you think you are interested in
  • If you are able to improve a language while abroad, this skill will positively impact your employability
  • Graduate school acceptance– study abroad is generally seen as a positive on a resume and application to graduate school, thus improving your chances of acceptance, and therefore the ability to get a job in the area you want and earn more after completing this degree.
  • Relatability to hiring manager– now that studying abroad is becoming more popular, you may have the bonus of your interviewers relating to you more because you also studied abroad, use this as an in!

These are just a sample of the ways study abroad has helped many students, but there are plenty of other ways it could help you! You never know who you may meet abroad or what connections or experiences you will gain that set you down a new path!

Invest in yourself. Invest in you future. Let study abroad be your first step towards a great career.

Did study abroad help you in your career? Not sure how you can make study abroad relate to you major or desired career? Let us know in the comments!


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