How To Set Up a Pin on Your Credit Card

How To Set Up a Pin On Your Credit Card


There are so many things to prepare when getting ready for a trip abroad, don’t let setting up a Credit Card PIN be one that stresses you out!


Why should you even bother?

Many countries require a PIN for credit cards for the transaction to go through. Unlike the US where you usually only need a PIN for a debit card, in many places outside the US this extra level of security is required for both ATM withdrawals and credit card purchases. In these places, without the PIN set up, your credit card simply won’t work. It costs you nothing but a few minutes to set up and will save you from potentially inconvenient, embarrassing, and dangerous situations.

So how do you set up the Credit Card PIN?

Below I have broken down the process into easy steps so you can quickly cross this off your list!

Set up your PIN before you get on the plane by:

  • Calling the number on the back of your card,
  • using your bank’s app,
  • or using the online banking platform

If you call in (Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, PNC, Capital One, CitiGroup):

  1. One of the options you will be automatically offered is something like “Set or Renew my PIN”. Select this option and enter in the information requested, usually some part of your account details, such as date of birth, social security, etc. to confirm your identity.
  2. You will then be asked to enter your desired PIN, probably twice to confirm. Make sure it is only 4 characters.
  3. Depending on your bank, you may then be sent to another automatic system to confirm. You just wait on the line until the automatic operator comes on the line and gives you instructions to confirm.
  4. Note: Many banks do not allow human operators to help reset PINs, meaning you have to use the automatic system.

If you use mobile app or online banking (Chase, Bank of America, PNC, Capital One, SunTrust)

  1. The area to set your PIN is usually within the Account settings under something like “PIN Management”, “PIN Request”, or “Security Settings”. Occasionally, for example with PNC, you will need to first select “Debit/ATM card settings” and then “Security Settings.”
  2. You will be prompted to either answer a security question, give account information, or input your password as a security measure.
  3. You can then enter your desired PIN. Make sure it is only 4 characters.

Voila! You are ready to go! See? I told you it was nothing to stress about!

PS- While you are setting up the PIN, you might as well put in a notification of your travel dates to your bank. For more specifics on how to do this for your bank take a look at my How to Notify Credit Card Companies of Travel.




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