Review: Milk Bar NYC

Review: Milk Bar NYC

Do you like sugar? Or cereal? Milk? Or neon signs? Cakes? Cookies? Milkshakes or soft serve?

Do you like entrepreneurship? Hard work? Creativity? Or a bootstraps story?

If you thought even a mild “yes” to one of the above you will like Milk Bar.

The brain child of Christina Tosi, now an award winning pastry chef, Milk Bar is what I would have called a trendy sweet shop if it wasn’t for the fact that this place has been trendy for 10 years now. It’s got a reputation at this point, you don’t have to just trust me on this one.

Originally from NYC, but now in DC, Las Vegas, and Toronto as well- Milk Bar is a sweet tooth’s dream.

After watching the Netflix original Chef’s Table I knew I had to make Milk Bar a stop on my most recent trip to NYC.

It did not disappoint.

At all.

Below I’ll give you the details of my peaks (pros) and valleys (cons) of Milk Bar so you can decide for yourself if your sweet tooth will indulge.


The Sweets

Hopefully this would be on the list of positives of my review of a sweet shop.

I tried both the crack pie and the cereal milk soft serve and loved them both. I’ll be honest that the cereal milk soft serve was nice as a side to clean my palate from the crack pie, but I don’t know that I would love a whole serving of it. The flavor, while awesome, got a bit redundant after the first few bites for me. The crack pie, on the other hand, had a different flavor and texture almost every bite. I was obsessed and ate it quickly.

While those are the only items I tried, there were options for cookies, cake, milkshakes, lattes, and more (full menu for Milk Bar: I saw many people enjoying all of those options and loved the presentation and smells of them, so based on those alone I’d say you couldn’t go wrong!

The Atmosphere

It’s just so fun. From the neon pink signage that glows a delicately scripted milk to the fun, bright colored interior, I really liked the feel of being in Milk Bar. It was inviting, it smelled delicious, people were in a good mood. There was fun music, but not too loud. Clean walls with simple milk designs, and a fun menu board. It felt good to be in Milk Bar, like everyone, including the staff, wanted to be there. Maybe we were all hyped up on sugar, but there was a special feeling in the air.

The Service

I was really impressed with how nice the staff was. Being from the Midwest in NYC I am always a little intimidated by New Yorkers. I’m especially intimidated when there is a long line and I feel rushed. No one actually made me feel that way in Milk Bar, it was all in my head. The staff was friendly, gave me a sample, was calm, having a good time themselves, and made me feel welcome and like a guest.

The Prices

Honestly, I was expecting to get ripped off. Maybe I still did, but a piece of pie for $6 (and a famous piece of pie for that matter) seemed reasonable to me. Same for the soft serve at $5. Maybe I am too used to having lived in DC, but those prices didn’t seem crazy. Even for NYC. That was a nice relief and made me feel a little less guilty.


The Wait

This place is popular. I’ve seen the lines in DC go around the block. I should have known there would be a wait. And while the line really wasn’t that long (almost inside the door even!), I felt it still took a really long time before it moved. It seemed that between every order there was a bit of a pause/break before helping the next person. It didn’t seem very effective and felt long since I was trying to hold in all my saliva that was being produced due to knowing I was about to consuming some crack pie.

The Size of the Space

It’s NYC. I get it, places are small. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. There was a small bench to sit on in the back, but overall I would have liked there to be a few small tables/seating spots to enjoy my treat within the fun environment of the shop itself.

And that’s really it. It couldn’t be more simple to get a sweet pick me up. If you are ever in NYC, DC, Las Vegas, or Toronto, I seriously suggest you give it a try. Pretend it’s your protein for the day. After all, it’s just milk, right?

PS. Where is Milk Bar exactly? Lots of places! Specifically here.

Have you been to Milk Bar? What did you think? I know some people think it’s overhyped…are you one of them? Would love to know your peaks and valleys of Milk Bar in the comments!


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