Finding Everyland Featured at Arizona WordPress!

Finding Everyland Featured at Arizona WordPress!

The Arizona WordPress community has been the literal reason my blog is up and running for you to read today.

There were many times in creating this blog that I didn’t know what I was doing (see: all the time). I would come home from work, sit down excitedly to build my vision and almost immediately hit a roadblock. This often ended up with me sitting in the dark crying and getting increasingly overwhelmed (it would turn from day to night as I stared disheartened at my computer, not realizing the amount of time that had passed).

So ya, I may have cried a few lot of times over this blog. Turns out building a website is hard. I may have even given up if it weren’t for the Arizona WordPress community. They helped (and are still helping!) at every step of the way and so I was honored to get to speak at one of their meetups to express how much they had helped me.

finding-everyland-presenting-arizona-wordpress (2)

How they helped wasn’t just technical in nature, either. Of course a lot of it was- I had developers explain when I didn’t understand what a cache was or what security I needed. They helped me change some alignments and colors to better match the design in my head. They explained the coding that goes into building a site and opened my mind to the awesome world you can create if you just learn where to change things. These were experienced developers, ones who could have charged me an arm and a leg, but they didn’t. They just helped.

Some of the helpers!

And that’s the reason I’m so indebted to and grateful for this community. They just helped. They supported me. They told me I wasn’t stupid and that I’d get there and that everyone starts this way. They pushed me when I was giving up, praised my small wins, asked how things were going. They cared. A bunch of strangers I had barely met cared.

That’s the power of this community. I can’t say it enough. There is something so powerful that happens when a stranger cares about and supports you knowing there is nothing in return. It motivates you. It lifts you back up. It makes you remember that dream you had and that you can succeed–with some help.

So in February when I was asked to speak at one of the monthly Arizona WordPress meetups I couldn’t wait to share with them how much they had taught me and how thankful I was. I spoke about my journey learning about WordPress and all the intricacies that brings. I talked about my struggle with learning all these new words associated with building a site. And I spoke about, most importantly, how they had been central to my blog’s success.

It was a great night where I felt like I finally got to give back, if even just a little bit, to this community that helps me so much.


So I’d just like to give a final shout out to everyone in the Arizona WordPress community, but especially Mark, Steph, Dennis, Raquel, Brandy, Brian, Scott, Misty, Betsy, Seth, Foster, AJ, and Madison for making me feel welcome, answering all my questions, following my blog, and becoming my friend. I couldn’t have gotten here without you!

And a thanks to you for reading this blog! A lot of work, from a lot of people besides just me, went into it and although it’s still (and will always be?) a work in progress, it means a lot to me as I sit here in the dark…smiling.

PS- if you are looking for some amazing developers/designers or just want to learn more about this community, here’s where you can find them!


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  1. Dennis - September 13, 2018 Reply

    So proud of you and how far you have come in less than a year! Keep up the learning and good work. So happy you have been a part of our community!

  2. Steph - August 22, 2018 Reply

    This is so awesome cali!! I’m so proud of you for staying determined and working on your dream 🙂

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