Lost in Patagonia

Lost in Patagonia Let’s talk getting lost on a hike. In another country. At night. In honor of this week being a big week for students to start their study abroad adventure, I thought I’d pull out a misadventure from my time abroad in Chile. While I (unsurprisingly?) have a lot of misadventures from that […]

A Bug’s Life

“That little sh*t got me right on the forehead.” I’d like to say I stated that calmly as I observed what had just happened to me. But as you can probably tell from my language, that wasn’t the case. Let me set the stage. It’s Saturday morning, roughly 9:45 am in Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m […]

Hijacked in Venice

Hijacked in Venice Cue the most romantic, wanderlust inducing moonlit grand canal boat ride around Venice, Italy. I’m talking city lit up all around you almost as if by candlelight. The moon shining down on you like a beacon from the universe reminding you how amazing life is. Gliding softly across the calm water, moving […]

Misadventure Monday: BWI-LAX-CRY

Misadventure Monday: BWI-LAX-CRY Fair warning, this misadventure involves a lot of crying. And to be honest, also involved a lot of cursing as well, but that’s been edited out 😉 Here’s the long story short, maybe you can relate: Running late for a flight, everything goes wrong along the way, connection cancelled, slept in airport, […]