Hijacked in Venice

Hijacked in Venice Cue the most romantic, wanderlust inducing moonlit grand canal boat ride around Venice, Italy. I’m talking city lit up all around you almost as if by candlelight. The moon shining down on you like a beacon from the universe reminding you how amazing life is. Gliding softly across the calm water, moving […]

Grenoble, France Cable Cars

Cable cars, and bubbles, and bubble cars, oh my! …What am I going on about? Well the Grenoble-Bastille cable cars of course. Also known as the bubbles, or “les bulles” if you’re fancy (which you must be, you’re a reader of my site 😉 )! Grenoble, France is famous for its Bastille cable cars- affectionately […]

Best Icelandic Food and Drink

Best Icelandic Food and Drink Going to Iceland and wondering what must have Icelandic foods you should try? Well do I have a list for you. Whether you are looking for vegetarian foods, breakfast, dessert, or simply want to see what Icelandic alcohols are all about, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular and […]