Hi! I’m Cali. So happy you are here.

I believe everyone, especially you, deserves to travel and experience (find, if you will 😉 ) what this world we share has to offer.

And I want to help you with these experiences. Maybe you are a pro traveler and just need to do some research. Or perhaps you are new to traveling and need a cheerleader and some tips to give you the confidence to finally take that trip. Maybe you just like to torture yourself reading about amazing trips you might get to take one day.

Whatever your reason for stopping by, I hope you find something useful!

Safe travels,


PS-  I’d love to know what you think and what else I can help you with, feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment anytime!

In case that just wasn’t enough for you– a little background:

I’m a study abroad and tourism professional, so I have a lot of experience with helping others travel. Plus, I’m the resident friend who can’t stop talking about new destinations and trips, so I’ve got a lot of practice helping others experience the world!

My Story

My first real experience abroad was stepping on a plane alone to fly to Vina del Mar, Chile for my study abroad experience in 2009. To be fair, I had been to Toronto to visit some family, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a family vacation, and the British Virgin Islands on a trip with a friend’s family previously- but this was my first “sola,” not boxed vacation package experience.

It changed. my. life.

My time abroad transformed me from an incredibly nervous, shy, and nerdy (ok, I’m still nerdy) introvert to someone who felt they were just seeing life for the first time and wanted to come out of their shell to do so.

From that experience on, I decided I would travel as much as possible and help others do so as well. I graduated college and began a career in student travel.

I’ve been able to help students from middle school to college follow their dreams of living in another country, all while finding time to travel to over 15 countries myself (still a small number in my book!). (Want to see everywhere I’ve been? Check out the Destinations page!)

In addition to this travelling bug I caught in 2009, I’ve since added the blogging bug to my list of pests. I’ve blogged personally for years, but after being asked to help others with their travel plans many times and realizing that I actually enjoyed doing all the travel planning and research my friends and family seemed to hate, I decided to make a space where we could all share in the knowledge and take the pain out of travel- and so Finding Everyland was born.

Besides all that, I love photos, listening to music just a little too loud and too often, being thrifty, friendships new and old, ice cream, languages, and good books- so you might see some posts around those topics as well- fair warning.

So pull up your chair or standing desk, get nice and cozy, and poke around to see what all you can find!


PS- I’m always looking to experience a new place, learn all I can and connect with others who feel the same, feel free to add me on any social you have and sign up for my email list to see what’s new!

Happiness is a sunset at the Grand Canyon

8 Random Facts about Cali 

  1. I was held for ransom in the Virgin Islands during a college trip (not promoting kidnapping or holding people for ransom at all, but it was actually a really awesome experience)
  2. I’m terrified of drowning (no scuba diving blogger here!)
  3. I built a treehouse in my backyard when I was 10 (with adult supervision and some help!)
  4. I have biked across (not up/down!) Chile
  5. I’ve been electrocuted
  6. I have a serious sugar addiction, especially in the form of ice cream 
  7. I am useless when it comes to killing or humanely moving bugs– I either put a cup over them and just let them be, scream for someone to help, or surrender the space they are in to them
  8. I am a full fledge extroverted introvert